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"Most amazing donuts, by far. On top of the great food: the hospitality from the owner and co worker had given their new customer was amazing.It’s a must try for sure."-Bree Lynne

"Best food truck! They always have the best comfort food, plus they show up at our work every pay day! Who could ask for anything better!"-Belynda Potter

"They were near my work for three weeks at the Thursday Food Truck Rally. Tried their Dynamite dog first, it was okay but the cheese and escaped into the fry bath and so while it was good it could have been better. The next week I gave the dynamite dog another try and this time it was amazing. Creamy cheese, jalapeno and bacon dog. It was glorious. Then the last week I went different and got their Loaded Fries with everything on it. I was in heaven with the first bite and I truly felt like I was on the moon. Had they stayed in my area for the fourth week I would have been rushing to their truck the moment my lunch break hit, but alas, it was not to be. Thanks for helping me taste ambrosia, but such a tease for staying long enough for me to taste it only once."-Samuel Terrazas

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